Nexus News - January 2018


- From everyone at Nexus Alpha, we wish you a prosperous 2018 -

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Welcome to Arrakis: A New Era in Smart Communications

Launching in January 2018, the Arrakis project is a suite of user-centric, cross-platform apps that will help your company stay connected and let your staff provide unparalleled service to your customers. Developed as one holistic system, Arrakis will revolutionize the way transport companies interact and perform - bringing 21st century technology to your desktop and to your fingertips.

The Arrakis website will provide a unique insight into specific features of our app. You'll get a glimpse into individual widgets and most importantly - a client feedback area that will enable you to provide us with your perspective that will allow you to help us shape our upcoming products for you.


Himalia V2.0

Himalia v2.0 is now available in Tyrell IO 8.4. We've taken feedback from our users and made the necessary changes to enhance the performance of Himalia. One of the key changes made to Himalia is the ability to resize the transport alert book which allows the Controller to permanently position the window on their desktop. This will enable the controller to see any alerts that require immediate action. The changes have been made with our users in mind.

To read more on the updates done to Himalia click the link below to view our blog.


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