Journey Check

Real-Time disruption at your fingertips


With Journey Check - You're in Control.

All disruption information direct from control to your customers in seconds. Used by thousands every day and scaled to meet the most exceptional levels of demand - Journey Check is proven to be trusted and reliable for clients and customers around. 

personalised for you

With Journey Check, integrating your branding is easy and simple. Personalise Journey Check to your brand and drive customers to your website, maximising your exposure to marketing campaigns and opportunities. 


Everything Your Customer Needs.

Live train times on departure boards to keep your customers informed always. Including London Underground information to help your customers plan their journey. 

Keep your customer informed

With a simple and informative registration process you can send tailored disruption information direct to your clients. Customers can choose when they want to be notified and how to receive alerts. As a personalised service, Journey Check will notify customers with a single alert that will cover multiple train services.


Complete Information

From Cancellations, alterations and delays Journey Check Alerts will ensure you are informed. Available by Emails and SMS, the alerts will show any route problems detailing the trains affected. 

Connect with Your Customers

Use alert data to help understand your customers’ needs and target disrupted customers with special communications. Add value to automated messages via the Broadcast Console and personalise targeted marketing information.


Simple Statuses

Show customers in an instant how each route on your network is performing.

Complex algorithms combine train alterations, route disruption and service frequency. Customer impact calculated, and simple route statuses generated.